Vanderboegh to Holder: prevent the preventable, before it's too late

Vanderboegh to Holder: prevent the preventable, before it's too late

October 15, 11:15 PM Anchorage Libertarian Examiner Kevin Wilmeth

The article was a little more troubling than usual for me. Not because what he said doesn't need saying, heavens no:

I write to you today with the same desire to avoid conflict, and precisely because the threat of accidental causation is there, I will speak as bluntly to you now as Bob did then to the FBI. We do not have time for faux politeness and insincere pretence. For we are potentially, thanks to your employees and their reputation over the past twenty or more years, on the brink of a spasm of violence unlike anything this country has ever seen.

If they are worth what you are paying them, your analysts must be telling you how dangerous is the mood in this country right now. And if their reports are not reaching you, then certainly the monthly tallies of firearm and ammunition sales are.


Eric, it doesn't take a social scientist to understand that things are quickly going to get out of hand unless somebody pulls back from the brink.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Eric, but that somebody is you. YOU are the nation’s highest-ranking law enorcement official. YOU must restrain your employees from illegal actions. YOU must get a handle on not only out-of-control agencies like the ATF, but the entire panoply of Federal law enforcement agencies. And, most importantly, YOU must reassure us that you will return these agencies to the rule of law and the constitutional restraints that the Founders put in place.

That is vintage Vanderboegh (who I've discussed before). He's always prickly, and in a way that is much needed if we are to have any hope of a discussion that actually means something. But go--read the whole thing. There's a lot more. Maybe it will stick out at you like it did at me.

What's troubling is that Mike's tone sounds like a man deliberately putting his affairs in order.

Anyone who has followed the man's writing for a while knows he scrupulously insists on "no Fort Sumters", which suggests that he probably believes that the control freaks are going to do something stupid to set off the powderkeg themselves--whether intentionally or simply through negligence. (I know for a sight there's a lot of people out there that will not believe any official story that implicates him as an instigator. His history would make that fantastically implausible.)

Guess we'll find out what happens. I can't imagine that it could be made any clearer than Mike makes it here. He wants peace, but he'll insist on liberty if forced to pick between the two.

Eyes. Ears. Set Condition Orange.*

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