In Vietnam

In Vietnam

Cu chi tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City

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I chose to shoot this since it was a weapon I carried while do Security Forces work in the Air Force. It was fun, but once again very expensive. The weapon was under a metal holder, so it could not be moved from the shooting position. I guess they were concerned!

The 7.62mm M60 general purpose machine-gun (GPMG) was employed in a light role on it's bipod (effective range 500 meters) or in a medium role on a tripod (effective range 1,100 meters) as well as being used as protective armament on vehicles and helicopters. Gas operated, air cooled and belt fed, with a quick-change barrel to counter overheating during sustained firing, it has a practical rate of fire of 200 rpm (550 rpm max). In Vietnam it was the main firepower of the infantry rifle section. With bipod the M60 weighs 10.5 kg (23 pounds), which increases by 6.8kg (15 pounds) if a tripod is added (Total 38 pounds minus ammo).,%207.62mm%20GPMG

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