Vintage Colt ad

Vintage Colt ad

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There the same piece except for the markings.. Some wil say that the 1917 has the lanyard, but ive seen many New Services with the ring.. Had a 45 ACP which is the most common caliber. Traded it off as i had gotten rid of my 1911's and it was the only 45 in the "stable" plus it had a double action that stacked like loading concret blocks.. WAY heavy, so i get rid of it rather than have it worked on.. Then inside a year i find one that had the lanyard ring that i love (yep got a thing for lanyard rings) And this one is in 357 so i get it.. Now im thinking dummy if ya would have kept the 1917 (the 45) you would have had a brace of them. BUT NNOOO. The 357 was a rebareled piece, good work, but numbers didn't check out, and it was reblued.. It did however have a double action as good as a Smith, and you Colt shooters know thats not normaly the case.. Not in double action.. The problem with it was that if you took a normal sight picture it would shoot like 6-8 " low at 25 yds.. I was told by an old timer that you didn't take a "full" sight on the New Service (1917) that roughly half the front sight should be above the rear.. I know, i didn't buy it either, BUT it did shoot to point of aim that way.. Bottom line is I carried it into a gun show, and had a couple of guys who were really into the big (and it is) frame Colt, and traded for a couple of victory models in 38 spl.. And yes they have lanyard loops.. you can see one of them on my intro..

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