WAL P99QA 40S&W 4.125" MIL BL 2-12RD

WAL P99QA 40S&W 4.125" MIL BL 2-12RD

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I'm not much of a pistol shot but I own one of these and really like shooting it. I was able to hit what I was aiming at right out of the box and haven't had any problems as of yet. I've probably put about 400 rounds through it without trouble so far. Recoil is light, trigger isn't bad for factory assembly, and it comes with three different palm swells so you get the right fit unless you got gorilla hands. The front sight seems cheap to me though, it seems like it wants to fall off everytime I look at it but it's still on. Don't know how it would hold up to rough treatment.

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WAL P99QA 40S&W 4.125" MIL BL 2-12RD

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