Walther P22 .22 LR, 5" Polymer Adjustable Picture

Walther P22 .22 LR, 5" Polymer Adjustable Picture

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9 years 35 weeks ago, 4:48 AM


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Jul 2008

shoot! this gun does look solid... how much is it?

9 years 32 weeks ago, 1:53 PM



i am getting the money together to order one of these in the olive drab i shot one that my buddy bought great gun i shot cci velocitors thru it it was an accurate little gun

9 years 30 weeks ago, 4:28 PM

Rick Blake

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Aug 2008
Walther P22

Sweetheart looking gun, trying to figure out which one to order is the biggest problem. California just passed another law about lead bullets, goodness stay out of our lifes please!

9 years 30 weeks ago, 4:35 PM


hey rick

pack your stuff and head north just dont bring the greenie gun hatin demorats with u lol i know what u mean about which one of the walther p22's to order it's almost maddening i want one for a carry gun but everyone says a 22 is too small but with the CCI Velocitors no problem. as it is people give me a hard time about my 22 mag revolver for home defense so i say buy what u like

8 years 16 weeks ago, 3:50 AM

william Lammers

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Jul 2009

Bought on about five years ago. It became my hiking in the mountains carry. Not for Bear, Cougar, etc., but for personal protection, plinking, and plain fun competition...got to the point, that I could shoot a bottle cap at 35 steps, no problem. Gave it to my son, who just has a blast with it....I may have to get another, for it is one of those, that you wished you didn't let go of. Plenty accurate, costs a bit over $350 locally.

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8 years 16 weeks ago, 12:11 PM

greg az

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Oct 2009
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Wife and i drove to Idaho, and didn't want to lug a big piece around, and saw the Walther at my local discount dealer (J&G Prescott) i paid 259 on sale, just checked mailer they are still 329. (Greasy they might have discounts if you have a tax stamp) I bought a little surefire light at the same time. thought combo would be perfect for motel rooms. The Walther is simply the best .22 ive ever owned. I can't believe how acurate it is, and the sights are great for quick pick up, everything about it is perfect with the exception of the mag reliese, which is the bottom of the triger guard, but can still be activated easily with thumb. It handles all loads, but occasionaly stove pipes with lead, so the Cali comment is a non issue. No problems with jacketed. I changed the back strap (two included) for the wifes comfort, i really didn't have a preference, both felt good, but she did so... I carry mine condition one with hammer down, double action feels like around 5 or 6 lbs and smoth. The magazine is 10 single stack, but carry with 9(still have 10)for spring life. All in all a great little pistol.

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8 years 14 weeks ago, 11:59 AM



My local pawnshop has one last time I was there. Dont remeber the price but it was good lookin i tell ya what.

8 years 14 weeks ago, 12:37 PM


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Great little gun, but I'd disagree about the sites....I Hate them!

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Posted by: Quinton
9 years 46 weeks ago
Walther P22

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