Walther WA2000

Walther WA2000

Walther WA2000
The Walther-produced WA2000 was billed as the Ultimate Sniping Tool.
By Staff Writer

The Walther-produced WA2000 is sometimes thought of as the 'Cadillac of Sniper Rifles' due to its attention to detail, high production cost and high construction value. Instead of the system relying on an existing military-based rifle design, the Walther company proceeded to create a military-based rifle from a sporting rifle design. Engineers designed the weapon system in its entirety around the barrel itself.

The bullpup configuration was such that the recoil of the weapon system (firing the 300 Winchester Magnum round) was designed to be generated straight rearward into the firer's shoulder, negating the horrid effects of recoil that would commonly lift the weapon, destroying accuracy in the process. The system was small enough to be used in tight confines though it still featured a full-length barrel in the design.

The system also featured a thumbhole pistol grip (of which the entire component could be released for cleaning), an adjustable rubber buttstock for customization and stabilized feed system, which prevented movement of the ammunition when the system was fired. Various scopes could be fitted to the system as well, though the standard 2.5-10x56mm telescopic sight produced by Schmidt and Bender was more than ideal. A muzzle break designed specifically for the fired cartridge was also featured and a collapsible bipod was integrated into the frame.

In the end, however, the system proved too costly for mass-market appeal in terms of military sales, with production ending in a short four years. To that end, the WA2000's potential would never be realized on the battlefield, though more than a few believe it to be one of the best true sniper systems ever design.

Operation: Gas-Operated Piston with Rotating Bolt
Caliber: 300 Winchester Magnum
Rounds: 6-Round Box
Length and Weights:
Length: 35.63 in (905 mm)mm
Empty Weight: 15.3 lbs (6.95 kg)
Loaded Weight: Not Available
Rate of Fire: Not Available
Range: 2,297 ft (700 m)

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