walthers, AR-7, and 5K rounds of 22

walthers, AR-7, and 5K rounds of 22

Least this shows that the camera is fine.. oh gosh user error..who whold'a thought it..

a case of 10 bricks is heavy.. these are the ones from Olin that are marked caliber 22 ball..
white box.. 10 boxes of 50 ten bricks of 500..

The deal with the walthers is J&G of Prescott and SGN fame had them on sale when we retired, These are the "vehicle" pistols..

AR-7 is available..

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greg az

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thats more like it..

by the way.. some info on the 7.. our buddy Jeff had expressed intrest in this.. i had quoted a price of 140 that is a pretty smoking deal.. thing is that its not as great a condition as i had remembered.. so will call it 125..

This is a bad pic, and picking up every marr it's not that bad, but does show more wear than i thought. giving it a NRA good .. PPGS (photo percentage grade system) that a lot of collectors use goes about 70%.. and im grading both NRA and PPGS real low..

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