Warm & Fuzzy words from my Rep

Warm & Fuzzy words from my Rep

Dear Sam,

The most effective way for me to do my job is to keep in touch with you. I hope you’ll take a minute so I can update you on our work in Congress and at home in Arizona. Please contact my office if you have questions regarding federal legislation or if you need help navigating a federal agency. Follow me on facebook and twitter for regular updates on my legislative agenda.

Border Security

Here in Southern Arizona, we know that local law enforcement has shouldered the burden of protecting our backyards and our nation’s border from human trafficking and drug violence. This week, I took that message to the House Budget Committee, testifying on the potentially harmful effects of the president’s fiscal year 2011 budget proposal on our local law enforcement and border patrol agents. Click here to see my testimony.

Every day, our Border Patrol agents risk their lives in carrying out their mission in some of the harshest working conditions in the nation. I believe they deserve our gratitude and respect. This respect should be affirmed in the prioritization of their needs in our congressional budget. Unfortunately, the president’s proposed $330 million for local border law enforcement is woefully below the $950 million required to fully secure our border communities. It is unacceptable to continue passing the extraordinary costs of illegal immigrant apprehension and drug seizure to our localities and states. I will continue to deliver this message in Washington and fight for our Southern Arizona law enforcement officials.

Balancing the Federal Budget

Balancing a budget is a simple concept that families across Arizona do every day. However, in Washington, this discipline has been missing for the past decade. That is why, as one of 33 original cosponsors, I strongly support a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget by 2020. The amendment would:

• Require Congress to produce a balanced budget every fiscal year beginning in 2020;

• Require the president to submit a balanced budget in his or her annual transmission to Congress;

• Prohibit outlay for a fiscal year from exceeding total receipts for that fiscal year unless Congress, by a three-fifths roll call vote of each house, authorizes a specific excess of outlays over receipts (in cases of emergencies).

Balancing the budget is not only an attainable goal, it is essential to our countries long term fiscal health and global competitiveness. The balanced budget amendment won’t achieve that all by itself, but it will help ensure that we don’t repeat the mistakes that helped create our current situation.

Women Veterans

Yesterday, in honor of Women’s History Month, I spoke on the House floor to pay tribute to the servicewomen of Southern Arizona. To see my floor speech, click here. Women have voluntarily served in every conflict since the Revolutionary War and their significant accomplishments are often overlooked. However, these women have dedicated their lives to serving their country with honor and distinction. This month and all year long we should remember the women of our Armed Forces and all they have given to our country.

Sincerely Yours,

Gabrielle Giffords
Member of Congress

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Ask her about

Term Limits!

Patrolman Kato
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Excellent letter

You have a very good Representative, Sam. I don't think term limits need apply to her, at least now.

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Oh yeah, she's going to vote for it.

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