On the way to the main range 5 miles away from the house

On the way to the main range 5 miles away from the house

Always pass the ponys on the way to the main range, and even more now, as were getting into spring round up..

As i said i bought a hundred rounds of 130 gr jacketed ball 38 spl today that all the k's seem to love (J and L's to) so were gona do shaks little test right ..figure take the new 19 with the 3 t's and grab a couple of others.. have a buch of targets made up already.. should be fun to compare..

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greg az

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I'm just about a mile north of our home, and this is the foothills, range i go to is only about a quarter mile up the road.. your looking at the Ruger ranch...yep that ruger... old bill was pretty smart..took the hi country that the cattle would get back into and almost imposible to get.. Sells it to a development company (this is where old Bill grew up) so ayway they put in beautiful roads he (family) makes a fortune on prop that they can't really use, and this is where the wealthy come to have ranchettes.. No your pard Greg does NOT have propery in ruger ranch..

Our area is funny, either normal folks like all you guys, or a bunch o Prias driven yuppies from cali that live on big buck view lots... they sorta frown when they see our trucks.... sigh.....

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