Well, well Occupy Wall Street behind theater shooting/massacare!

Well, well Occupy Wall Street behind theater shooting/massacare!

James Holmes was studying for a PHD at the University of Colorado School of Medicine but dropped out just last month for unknown reasons. Some speculate he had gotten in with the secret Occupy Black Bloc organization.

As speculation mounts about the motive behind the mass shooting, one private investigator has said that Holmes may have been part of Occupy Wall Street’s most violent faction, Occupy Black Bloc.

Bill Warner told how the Batman movie portrays the Occupy crowd in a negative vein, leading him to believe that may have been a cause behind the gunman’s rage.”

Some have already rumored that Occupy Black Bloc includes James Holmes as a member but evidence has yet to surface confirming this.

Although the idea that the Batman movie portrays the OWS crowd in a negative vein, until police interrogate James Holmes, we can only speculate. Occupy protesters are tight lipped about their fellow occupy members and activists so unless Holmes comes out and admits it, it will remain purely speculative

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