What a differrence a few years make.

What a differrence a few years make.

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8 years 7 weeks ago, 10:21 PM

jay sedler

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F U OBAMA!!! your "brother" is rolling in his grave.if all these liberal tree loving eco friendly car driving, homosexual, feminists,ect are so concerned about THEIR rights,why would you even think of suporting a pig bastard DICKtator like this man.because he's a"change"?because he is black? because they cant think for theirself!they need a tyrant to force his personal views down our throats because the truth is the thought of having to take care of themselvs by themselves is far too much a burden for their weak little closed minds.why am i labeled a racist for disagreeing with what our "comander and chief" wishes to do to us?is that the best you can come up with?if a white man dislikes a person of another race he is a racist,but when a minority dislikes a white person they are seen as a visionary in search of some dream of equality.if this mans agenda on guns ect is so hardlined in an area clearly marked out in the constitution what will he push for in the grey areas not marked out so clearly by our wise forefathers?what will become of the homosexual rights,and the hippies rights,and the rights of those who prefer an alternative to mandated government controlled everything?they will be stamped out just as hitler stamped out the voices of the real german people,just as every tyrant in control of an army has done throught history.in actuality obama cannot do all this in one or two terms but we as a nation have opend pandoras box and we cannot put the monsers back into it!one day the people of our nation will look back on this president as a scar on the face of a great country.god he said he sees our flag as a symbol of opression!well that symbol of opression has been inverted on the american people!if thomas jeferson were still alive obama would have been shot for treason!
well its been fun ranting at all of you,god bless all who belive in our homeland!

CRY HAVOC and let slip the dogs of war!
8 years 7 weeks ago, 11:30 PM


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you said hippie.

i tried being reasonable,i didn't like it, NRA LIFE MEMBER,USMC VETERAN
8 years 7 weeks ago, 11:38 PM


jay sedler

tell us how you really feel...

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Posted by: samD
8 years 7 weeks ago

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