What samD thinks we need in the United States: This is just the start.

What samD thinks we need in the United States: This is just the start.

What samD thinks we need in the United States:

Absolute strict 2 term limit!

All elected officials into Social Security System.
If you are going legislate it, you are going to live by it.

Mandatory military service for every citizen who has graduated from high school and is not physically or mentally handicapped,
until the age of 60. 1 year of active duty and training. Six months of border guard duty. 1 week per year of active reserves until age 45.
Inactive reserve until age 60. Men and women will serve.

A fair and balanced flat tax system.

Congress and Senate will meet three times a year for a maximum of 30 days at a time.
Rooming and meals will be at the nearest military base.
Travel will be by Military Aircraft for over 1000 miles otherwise, personal autos will be used and reimbursed at $ .50 cents per mile and no per diem.
Salary to be $60,000 per year for Senate and Congress.
President to receive $100,000 per year and free use of White House.
Vice President to receive $80,000 per year and free use of Blair House.
No Secret Service Protection for Senate or Congress.
Each Senator or Congressman will be allowed 3 full time staff members in Washington and 2 staffers in their home state.
The Congressmen and Senators will be provided office space at their respective state Capitols free of charge. Any additional staffers or volunteers will be at the Congressmen or Senators discretion and paid for out of their personal funds.
Each Senator & congressman will have a budget of $40,000 per annum.
No franking privileges allowed.

No paid lobbyist allowed.

The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution will be strictly adhered to, as all military is now regarded as a militia. Military over 60 years of age will not be infringed upon for their 2nd amendment rights.

This is a partial list and is by no means to be and end all be all.
The object is to get rid of career politicians and make our country citizen controlled. If our politicians are here locally, we can then gain admittance to their inner sanctums and have our rightful influence over our elected representatives.

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I have said and still believe mandatory military service is not a good idea. I did agree with the two term limit, but I think it was Schuyler who brought up the argument that two terms doesn't give an official time to really learn the ins and outs of the job. Eight or ten years seems alright, but then again, if the people want a representative for as long as some of them have been in office, then so be it. I think no term limits combined with a modest retirement program like other federal jobs will suffice.

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