Where is the Outrage over what Letterman said about a 14 yr old girl?

Where is the Outrage over what Letterman said about a 14 yr old girl?

MRC Founder Brent Bozell just returned from a FOX News interview where he strongly denounced late-night talk show host David Letterman’s reprehensible attack against Alaska governor Sarah Palin and her 14 year-old daughter, Willow.

Where is the Outrage?

SamD, Letterman has a long history of taunting the Palin family. But this time he vaulted over the line of decency when he crassly joked that Palin’s 14 year-old daughter was “knocked up” by Yankees' slugger Alex Rodriguez during the seventh inning of their visit to Yankee Stadium.

Statutory rape is no joke … yet few in the media have even raised an eyebrow. Had this been Rush Limbaugh making a similar joke about Michelle Obama and her young children, the media would call for his head!

This kind of callous attack on conservatives cannot be tolerated!

That’s why Brent has asked EVERY member of the MRC Action team to deluge CBS with calls TODAY demanding David Letterman offer a full and public apology to Sarah Palin, her daughter and young women across the nation who were maligned by his pathetic attempt at humor.

Here is the contact information you need to take immediate action:

Leslie Moonves
CBS President and CEO
(323) 575-2345

Rob Burnett
Executive Producer, The Late Show

Without question it is “open season” on conservatives, and unless we respond with unwavering force in every instance, these kinds of disgusting and cowardly attacks will escalate.

That’s why we are urging ALL members of our team to respond immediately.

After making your calls, it’s extremely important that you send this message to your conservative friends—urging them first to watch Brent’s appearance on FoxNews and then call CBS and demand a full and public apology!

Thank you in advance your taking fast action with the MRC.


P.S. The only sure-fire way to put an end to these kinds of attacks on conservatives is for conservatives to take strong action. Please call CBS, and alert your conservative friends to follow your lead.

Email: [email protected]search.org

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