Whining versus resisting

Whining versus resisting

Whining versus resisting
Posted in Liberty's Friend by R Lee Wrights on June 4th, 2009
by Larken Rose

It’s hard to keep up with all the fascist, totalitarian power-grabs that the megalomaniacs in Washington have been proposing recently. Bill Clinton and his accomplices in Congress made huge leaps toward socialism. Then “W” made far bigger leaps, toward both socialism and fascism (and don’t believe the bunk about fascism and socialism being opposites). Now we have Obama trying to stampede toward complete totalitarianism as fast as he can, making the others look moderate by comparison.

And what are the people doing about it? Well, most Americans, being utterly clueless about philosophy, economics, history, and what’s going on around them, just stand around with stupid looks on their faces, trying to figure out why the Second Coming (the election of the Holy Messiah, Barack Obama) hasn’t saved the world yet. They’ll be wondering that for quite a while.

But what about the people who at least have some clue about what’s going on? What are they doing? Well, there is plenty of righteous indignation, and people screaming that the sky is falling (and it is), but what are those people suggesting as the solution? “Call your congressman, and demand [fill in the blank]!” Or, better yet, “Let’s vote them out!”

How long have people been suggesting those things? Well, in this country it’s been happening since before the ink on the Constitution was dry. And what good has it accomplished? None. Even the enthusiastic, grassroots, supposedly pro-freedom victories, such as the election of Ronald Reagan, and later the 1994 “Republican Revolution,” did nothing in the long run to limit the power of the megalomaniacs in Washington. There was a nationwide demand for “limited government,” but it didn’t happen. “Government” kept getting bigger, while individual freedom kept crumbling. How could this be?

Because, for all their silly talk about “land of the free and home of the brave,” Americans think and act exactly like slaves. They are comfortable perpetually whining and begging their masters to be nice to them, but they are utterly incapable of even considering actual resistance to tyranny. They keep asking for permission to be free, and when “government” won’t give them that permission, they complacently do as they’re told. “We can’t go against the LAW, Dorothy!” Occasionally they talk about “demanding” that “their” congressman support or oppose certain legislation. But it’s not a “demand” if it can’t be enforced; it’s just pathetic begging. (And please don’t try to argue that promising to vote against a particular crook, and in favor of his identical twin, is “enforcing” anything.)

For all the celebrating that happens on July 4th, the truth is that the vast majority of Americans are scared poopless of the thought of ever NOT DOING WHAT THEY’RE TOLD. So, as loud and whiny as they might get, most will forever remain obedient subjects, “law-abiding taxpayers” who take great pride in how well they obey orders and “play by the rules.” They think like slaves, act like slaves, and are treated like slaves. Then they complain about it.

Personally, I hope that Obama and his fellow control freaks in Congress (”R” and “D” alike) completely outlaw dissent, and ban all religion (except for the most popular religion: worship of government). I hope they make all private gun ownership illegal, and nationalize all industry. I hope they repeal the Constitution outright, declare martial law, and post gun-toting, jackbooted fascists on every corner. I hope they impose a 100% income tax, and seize all private property. And I hope they start arresting all who complain, throwing them into concentration camps, and torturing and executing them.

Because if all that happens, maybe–just MAYBE–Americans will grow a spine, and start actually resisting. And by “resisting,” I don’t mean pressing buttons in voting booths, or writing your congressman. I mean the real kind of resisting: DISOBEYING the masters. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the American sheeple still have it in them to do that, no matter how bad things get. We’ll know for sure, soon enough.

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