Whitetail Preserve, Bloomsburg PA Sep 10, 2009

Whitetail Preserve, Bloomsburg PA Sep 10, 2009

Me with the AK-47 from Lancaster Arms, Goodyear AZ

From Lancaster Arms:

Model: Russian Red, AK-47 (3060M)

Location: Whitetail Preserve Bloomsburg, PA
Website: http://www.whitetailpreserve.com/

We shot about 200 rounds on this day, but we did run into a few problems. First off, I had ordered about 8 different magazines and it was hit and miss with those. Some worked ok, some didn't. My father actually filed a lot of them down to make them fit, which I guess is not unheard of since I read it on a lot of other blogs and contacted the company. The one they sent with the AK worked ok. At times, the rifle didn't feed the rounds properly and it slowed things down. When it was working, it was fun to shoot and as accurate as I expected. I believe I was having a problem at this point...not sure why I have all that shit on...guess because I can!

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