Who cares if he's a Muslim?

Who cares if he's a Muslim?

By John Fanning
Published: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 10:43 PM MST

Guest Commentary

As one who is constantly amazed and intrigued by the duplicity and double standard of the mainstream media, I find it fascinating to observe the lengths it is going to fend off the notion held by one in five Americans that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.

They echo every utterance by members of the Obama team, however minuscule, in an attempt to convince the listening and viewing audience he is a Christian, and in fact, a very good Christian. This is the same media who in the past has shown disdain for Christians and Christianity. They mocked George W. Bush for his Christianity and his firm belief in a higher power. They claimed he received his war orders from God. They accused him of wearing his religion on his sleeve. Now they are encouraging Obama to wear his on his chest.

Now, all the stops are being pulled out to distance Obama from the curse of being a Muslim. Hard to understand when we are being lectured by the same media to be tolerant of all religions and especially how wonderful the Muslims are and the many contributions they have made to our society.

The Obama team says: Obama prays everyday. Chris “tingle up my leg” Matthews, MSNBC, exclaims he prays everyday. The Obama team says: He receives a devotional on his Blackberry every day. Wolf Blitzer. The Obama team says he went to church in Chicago every Sunday for 20 years. Rachael and Ed, MSNBC, say he went to church in Chicago every Sunday.

In today’s irrational political environment, if you disagree with Obama’s policies, you are a racist. If you support the Arizona law, SB1070, you are a racist. If you question the wisdom of building a mosque within shouting distance of Ground Zero you are a bigot and a racist. If you think Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters committed crimes, you are a racist. If you question whether Obama is a Muslim, you are a bigot and a racist. Get the picture? See the pattern by the mainstream media and the left?

I consider myself a very tolerant person so I am perplexed by the position the media have taken trying to distance Obama from even the notion of being a Muslim. Are they a bunch of bigots? Is this the same media who is questioning our tolerance when we question the insensitivity of having a Mosque built next to the Ground Zero?

After Obama’s vacation, you can be assured we will see pictures of him entering and leaving a church. We will see him in prayer. We may even see him carrying a Bible or some other devotional piece of literature. He may even say God bless America at the end of one of his speeches. Who knows, he may even extol the virtues of this country and its people. All of these images will lead the news on the mainstream media as they attempt to prove to all of us that he is not one of those Muslims. What’s wrong with being a Muslim Mr. President?

I don’t know whether he is a Muslim or not and couldn’t care less. We still know so little about the man who holds the highest office in the land thanks to a complicit media who failed miserably to provide us with information and is still failing to do so. I do know he is incompetent; that he has lied to us concerning many issues including the health care legislation, and he is taking this country in a direction unrecognizable to me and would certainly be unrecognizable to our founding fathers.

John Fanning lives in Green Valley

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