Who Invented Obama? Sent to me by LLE -via the bull net in Australia by 2 attorneys

Who Invented Obama? Sent to me by LLE -via the bull net in Australia by 2 attorneys

Who Invented Obama?

The following appeared in The Bull Newsletter
written by a group of attorneys in Australia . You may learn more about them by googling the name No Bull Newsletter.
"Who's Really Running the Show?"

I have been having a nagging intuition lately that something is not quite right about Barack Obama. I am not suggesting there is something wrong with the man, per se. Nor am I talking about the crazy, even dangerous, policies coming out of the White House.

No, lately, I

have been wondering if Barack Obama is, in fact, the person who is actually

functioning as President of the United States [POTUS] I mean, there's no

doubt that he fills the position of POTUS, but is

he really the one in command? The man actually seems lost at

times. He seems to be reacting to ideas about which he does not really

have a clue. He has left the writing of this health care bill to Nancy

Pelosi's House of Representatives and she, in turn, has farmed the writing out

to several fairly radical community action groups.


questioned about health care, he seems not to know or understand the details

and even with his silver-tongue seems unable to demonstrate any leadership on

the issue.


respect to Afghanistan and the rest of our foreign policy, he seems equally

lost. Especially when it comes to dealing with other world leaders.

He makes beautiful speeches but seems to be unable to cut deals which benefit

our nation. He seems to be acting as a pawn of much more clever world


The more

I watch the man, the more I see a person who appears to be the "face"

of some other entity or group. He seems like a "front man". And

it is becoming clear that his strings are being pulled by someone else.

He does not appear to be the man in command of the ship of state. At

least, he is not in the driver's seat.

You might

recall that people said about Bush that he was a front man for the neo-cons and

that it was really Dick Cheney that was running the show. It turns out

that Dick Cheney was not as influential in Bush's second term as many thought

but, perhaps it is true that the neo-cons, whoever they may be, were

pulling some of Bush's strings.

On the

other hand, with Obama, it does not appear that there is anyone who is visible

to we the people, or the media, who is pulling the strings.. If they are

there, they are not in elected positions as Cheney was. They are better

hidden than that.

We know

that Obama has been, and remains, surrounded by life-long radicals,

professed communists and anti-capitalists, some of whom he has even appointed

as czars in his administration. Thirty six czars, to date.

But is it

Obama who is picking the czars, or is it the czars who are running the show and

propping up Obama as their front man?

I know

all this may sound crazy but, really, when you look at the man without the

idolatry and media worship, does he really look like he knows what he is

doing? Does he seem to have a direction? Firm convictions?

Something he deeply believes in? The more he talks now, the more his

words seem empty of content. Platitudes about America and the American

people which, when he says them, simply do not ring true. They are words being

mouthed but not believed by him.

Okay, so

maybe he is really clever, is firmly moving the ship to the left while mouthing

the words of a centrist. But I don't think so.

What I

used to think was that he was a really slick conman who was making us watch his

left hand while he was manipulating us with his right. But, now I don't

think that so much. I think the man is more plastic than real. Now

I begin to see him as the "Great and Powerful Oz": a fearsome

presence who is being manipulated by men behind the curtain. And while

Obama does not have strong convictions, the men behind the curtain do.

And they are moving this country down a dangerous path. All the while, we

are being distracted by Obama and what he says and does.


maybe I am simply a mildly paranoid conspiracy theorist. Why, you might

ask, have Obama up there? Why not have one of the actual people behind

the curtain run for President. Well, being a paranoid conspiracy

theorist, I can come up with an answer to that question.


other people behind the curtain have backgrounds that are so radical that they

would never have made it past the first few days of a campaign.

Additionally, they are life-long community organizers and they know what kind

of face can be effective if you wish to radically change the nation.


you need a black man to gain the support of the vast black minority.


you need a pale skinned black man so as not to be too much of a threat to white

Americans. For the same reasons, you need a mixed race man who allies

himself with the poor and down-trodden.

And you

need someone who speaks well enough to co-opt the language of the right and

appear to be a uniter, not a divider. Someone who sees, or at least can

articulate, both sides of an issue.. This is the kind of man you would

pick to be your front man so that while you move things drastically and

dramatically left, the vast majority of Americans will not believe that was the

intention of the moderate appearing front man.


Obama was a community organizer. Yes, he could be clever enough to have

all this be his idea. But he really wasn't a community organizer for that

long. And when he was, he didn't do anything truly radical.

It was

more a time during which he was being trained than a time when he was driven by

a personal sense of commitment to anything in particular.

There are

people who are now in his government who have been community organizers and

radical left wing activists for 20-30 years. These people have deeply

ingrained commitments to changing the system and have been actively trying to

do so for all that time. Obama is not one of them.

In my view, Obama

has been trained and used as a puppet by others for a long time. His

successes seem to have come too easily, as if they have been

orchestrated. His life appears to have been pre-planned.

I mean,

Harvard Law Review without publishing a single paper of note. That is



community organizer for a short time.

A State

legislator for a short time.

A freshman

US Senator. (143 days)


convention key-note speaker.

And then

POTUS. How does that happen? A person with zero governmental

administrative experience is running the entire government of the United States


How do 1100 page documents get developed and put out in

such short order?

Who is writing all these proposals?

Does it not seem that something is just not quite right



about the specifics of the policies for the moment. Have you ever seen this level of activity in the first few

months of any other administration in your lifetime?

Does Obama seem like the kind of person that could manage this level of

activity in so short a time?

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greg az

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an empty suit.

The whole "appear to be a uniter, not a divider" thing is frightning, as he's just the opposite. I don't remember a bill ever having states aligned against it before it was even signed into law. I'm thinking were on the verge of a possible crisis here, and thats not just conspericy chicken little stuff.. We have most of the states drafting sute against this bill, and its going to be a big test of the 10 amendment (i think thats the states rights..sheesh to lazy to check..which ever it is) that will go to the supreme court .. states vs govt. .. wow.. fasten your seat belts..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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