Why the Cover-Up?

Why the Cover-Up?

American Border Patrol Suggests Answers American Border Patrol -- February 19
Photo from Thursday's The Economist
Chart from "The Fence and the Mexican Drug War"

On January 9, 2009, American Border Patrol issued a press release via prnewswire.com announcing a press briefing at the National Press Club to be held on January 15.
ABP was going to show how the border fence set off the Mexican Drug war and how finishing it could end that war. The press conference was boycotted as part of an overall blackout of ABP's work.
Thursday The Economist reported that officials in Mexico "have insisted that the violence is a sign that weakened gangs are scrapping over diminished spoils, and will soon subside." Gangs are fighting over diminishing spoils because of the border fence and barriers.
But why would the media cover this fact up?
These are the reasons...
The media / government complex does not want to:
a) Finish the fence;
b) Let the public know they could have stopped drugs decades ago; or
c) Acknowledge that American Border Patrol even exists.
In time the truth will come out. The question is; will it happened soon enough to help the people of Mexico?

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Who cares?

The people of Mexico allowed their government to be corrupted, the people of Mexico are at fault for not taking the power back. We should finish the fence, but not to help the people of Mexico.

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