Wife Says Man Killed On Falcon Lake in Texas by armed Mexican bandits

Wife Says Man Killed On Falcon Lake in Texas by armed Mexican bandits

Reported by: Polo Sandoval
Last Update: 9/30 8:30 pm

ZAPATA - Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez, Jr. tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS armed Mexican pirates shot at a McAllen couple on Falcon Lake this afternoon. The husband and wife were jetskiing near Old Guerrero. Falcon Lake borders on Mexico/Texas.

On their way back to shore, pirates in a boat pulled up next to them and started shooting at them. The husband was hit, possibly in the head. The woman tried to save him and ended up being at shot as well. She had to turn around and leave her husband in the water. She fears he's dead.

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This has been a problem on Falcon for awhile. Most have stopped fishing there because of the Hijackings, and some have started carrying Rifles on their boats. Hopefully Game wardens are turning their heads cause Falcon is a Corp Of Engineer Lake which make of limits for concealed carry. Sad to hear that somone had to die, hopefully we put more pressure on the pirates now!

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