Wisconsin sure has it's kooks. Read this flaky broad.

Wisconsin sure has it's kooks. Read this flaky broad.

MAILBAG: Readily accessible guns only would threaten the public
Renee Wilson, Prairie du Sac

Virginia Tech. Columbine. A church in Kansas. A Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. A school in Weston. I think that is personal enough.

Mrs. Dainty, I respect your right to free speech, however I still do not agree with your letter from last week’s Sauk Prairie Eagle, “Guns provide self-defense and aren’t allowed in bars.”

When I think about the gun issue, I am thinking about the greater good of all people and not just the good of my family or myself. My family hasn’t had to deal with gun violence, thank God. Much of that is because I grew up knowing you look but don’t touch when it came to the family guns.

I also had respect for my elders and the police officers of this town. I thought that an individual carrying a loaded weapon, waiting to take justice into their own hands was called vigilantism and was against the law.

No one wants to take away anyone’s guns, so you aren’t being denied your Second Amendment right to bear arms. However, I am being denied my Fourth Amendment right to feel safe in my own person.

Do my rights mean nothing? The Constitution that was written in 1787 was written as a guideline for our country to follow on the road to becoming a civilized nation. We are a nation that does not allow any one individual to be “judge, jury and executioner.”

If I wanted my child growing up feeling safe only if she carried a weapon I would move to a third world country. That is the difference between The United States of America and many other countries: we are supposed to be civilized.

Open carry laws will make it so much harder for police to determine a potential criminal. I choose to trust my police department and the training and knowledge of the law they have, instead of thinking that my opinions of emminent danger are the same as everyone else’s. I believe the majority of citizens of this great town are smarter than this.

We need to focus on the greater good. There is loss, absolutely, and I’m sorry that anyone has to feel that. However, only thinking of yourself and your own safety is selfish, and not the American way.

I choose to focus on the good in people and not the bad and not play on people’s fears of what might happen.

Everyone has both good and bad in them and sometimes the only difference is not having a gun.

Lastly, to Mrs. Dainty’s point that cars are also dangerous: Of course they are dangerous. However that is not their purpose for being. Guns, on the other hand, have only two purposes: To harm life, and target shooting. Isn’t there enough violence already?

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Saint J.M. Browning

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Sam, where did this come from? The author is way off on everything.

First off, she is assuming that an armed citizen is "waiting to take to law into their hands". It's not vigilantism and it's not against the law. A vigilante has pre-determined an action. Armed citizens are prepared. They are prepared to defend themselves, and even stupid people like this sheep, from those without respect for life, property, and laws. That is what civilized people do.

Secondly, the 2nd amendment isn't being violated? This is the right to keep AND bear arms? Does she not understand what bear arms means? But her 4th amendment is being violated? Wow! A real constitutional scholar, this one. So my carrying a weapon violates her rights against search and seizure? She already lost any credibility to state an opinion after this statement.

Her next pathetic attempt at justifying her position has to due with living in a civilized nation. So she thinks it is impossible for violence to occur to "civilized" people? Ha ha ha! Pathetic!

Then she rambles some incoherent babble about the police being able to recognize criminals better, as if the criminals go around all day wearing a pistol.

But in one of her closing arguments, she states,

dumbSheep wrote:
We need to focus on the greater good. There is loss, absolutely, and I’m sorry that anyone has to feel that. However, only thinking of yourself and your own safety is selfish, and not the American way.

Holy crap!, this is an argument in support of armed citizens, yet she uses it in the opposite manner. Yes, with a free country and an armed citizenry, there will be loss and tragedies, but this is a cost of freedom, however thinking of you own safety without regard of your fellow citizen and their rights is selfish and not the American way.

This is one of the problems with our country right now. There are so many like this waste of air that see things this way. If it doesn't turn around, we are all screwed.

"I don't think Hank done it this way" - Waylon
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