Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson


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PBR Driver

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He started all this one world goverment crap now look where we are.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE. If you do not love the CONSTITUTION AS IT IS WRITTEN then you are free to leave MY COUNTRY at this time.
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One World Government

That's what the power players want to happen. One world, one government. Run by the "elite". It's more "efficient". Efficient, all right, for those in power. They'll dictate what crop is grown where and when. They'll dictate what oil is produced and when. They'll dictate where each particular product is manufactured. There will be no more recessions or depressions. The government will own everything - bank (only one), factories, farms, everything. Everyone will work for the government. There will be no money. Every worker will have government "credits" deposited into his/her account in the central bank, and use a credit card for all purchases. They will run all medical care. When a person has outlived his/her usefulness, they will be euthenized. Medical treatment will only be given to those useful to the state. Eugenics will be practiced. It certainly won't be a democracy, but it won't be socialism either. It will be a world dictatorship. There are people now who are working toward this, people with money & power, who will remain in power under the new government. Their vision is powerful, as are they.
Horrible vision of the future? Yes, it is indeed.
We can prevent it from ever happening, but only by remaining vigilant and working to retain our rights & our freedom, & continuing to work toward spreading these throughout the world.

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man. (Mark Twain).
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