Yeah, the police are here to protect you! Not

Yeah, the police are here to protect you! Not


8 years 2 weeks ago, 11:20 AM

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Police, show up after the show is over. Their job is to make the chalk outline around the victom that didn't have the means to defend them self,
[ie] "I don't allow guns in my house"! The cops "Sorry bout yer loss mam, but weel do all we can, to get them lousy scums.
Mean while, if the victom had had a gun and gut shot the perp------------.


Lyle Hutchinson
8 years 2 weeks ago, 11:26 AM


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Cops in Cali

I used to get along with cops when I was younger, even when I was getting arrested for being a stupid teenager, but nowadays they are so jumpy from the California gang banger wanna-bes that no one is innocent to them. They have a screwed up rule system and have to deal with it the best they can. Also to-the-letter, holier then thou cops piss people off since they think everyone is a damn machine and will follow the rules at all times. Sometimes people need to be reminded that its for their best intrest.

8 years 2 weeks ago, 1:21 PM


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I had a motorcycle cop pull me over one time. He must not have wanted to go to work. In Kali the Police and the CHP respect each others territory. A police officer pulled me over on the freeway (not his jurisdiction) and started giving me a hard time about going a little over the speed limit (75 in a 65), I was being very polite because I didn't want a ticket. After he told me I was going too fast, he then started to call me names like "dickhead" and "asshole" and a couple others I can't remember. At which time I asked him for his badge number and for him to call his supervisor. I was screaming at this ass. He drove off saying something. But this holier-than-thou attitude is probably going to be their downfall individually. If I screw up I will take my lumps, but I will not allow it to become a personal. When you make it personal all bets are off I don't care who you are.

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As I've said,

cops are no different than anyone else, and I have no extra respect for someone just because they have a badge. The only legal difference between a cop and a citizen is that a cop can make arrests for misdemeanors.

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