Yellow Bellied Chickenshit Traitor

Yellow Bellied Chickenshit Traitor

"In finally abandoning the Republican Party, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter showed his true colors not just ideologically, but personally. It's all about the liberal Specter maximizing his own power. The climax Tuesday of Arlen Specter's long, drawn-out betrayal of his party may seem like it came out of nowhere -- especially since it was only last month that he said he'd seek re-election as a Republican. But why be shocked when a hardened Machiavellian does what comes naturally after doing the math? As a Democrat, Sen. Specter will now be Washington's king power broker, since he is poised to be the 60th vote for Democrats in the U.S. Senate, constituting a filibuster-proof majority at a time when the federal government is undergoing an unprecedented expansion in size and power. No one is falling for Specter's hand-wringing rationale that "since my election in 1980, as part of the Reagan Big Tent, the Republican Party has moved far to the right." He was just as uncomfortable with Reaganism back then as he is now, all along relishing his role as RINO -- Republican In Name Only -- whose vote was up for sale. ... As vote No. 60 in the World's Greatest Deliberative Body (assuming vote No. 59 belongs to comedian Al Franken of Minnesota), Specter will be owed an incalculable debt by congressional Democrats and President Obama. There will be no threats of party discipline against him on the occasions when he votes with Republicans, no warnings that campaign funds will be kept from him. ... Each and every big vote in the Senate will be a bargaining opportunity for Specter. Riches and favors will be showered upon him for the power he prostitutes. ... Reserve a space for a new addition to history's Rogues' Gallery." --Investor's Business Daily

"With market capitalism under assault and polling showing voters quite concerned about spending, debt, and bailouts, you'd think Republicans could find a message which resonates with a wide audience. Although perhaps rank amateurs, the tea party protestors have found the message around which conservatives can unify and which might also bring in independents. Personal responsibility, ending corporate welfare and bailouts, reasonable budgets, and the rule of law might form the basis of a winning message." --columnist Jennifer Rubin

"[Arlen] Specter's switch ... greatly enhances his own re-election changes. Whereas he seemed certain to lose to Toomey in the Republican primary, he must be reckoned the strong favorite if the two are matched up in the general election." --Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto

"Specter often votes for liberal Democratic initiatives and infuriates conservative Republicans. Still, his surprise defection was a crushing setback for the GOP, instantly reducing what limited power Republicans have in the Senate. The GOP's ability to stop liberal legislation is now weakened if not eliminated in some instances." --Weekly Standard editor Fred Barnes

"Climate change is the cause of -- and caused by -- everything. Reputable news pieces regularly allege, without any evidence, that climate change is the culprit in hundreds of dreadful events. From the decline of outdoor youth hockey, to the scourge of teenage drinking, to the massacre in Darfur, you guessed it, global warming is always the boogeyman. Who knew that a shift of 0.04 degrees Celsius in a decade could be so terrible?" --columnist David Harsanyi

"Since January, President Obama and his team have schmoozed, ineffectively, American enemies over allies in almost every corner of the globe. If you're, say, India, following Obama's apology tour even as you watch the Taliban advancing on those Pakistani nukes, would you want to bet the future on American resolve? In Delhi, in Tokyo, in Prague, in Tel Aviv, in Bogota, they've looked at these first 100 days and drawn their own conclusions." --columnist Mark Steyn

"At the rate that Obama and the liberals are going, when it comes to piling up the national debt, nationalizing banks and major companies, scuttling our missile defense system, reaching out to Islamic and Communist tyrants, funding ACORN, AmeriCorps and Hamas, discussing nuclear disarmament with Russia at the same time that Iran, Pakistan and North Korea are gearing up, talking tough to Israel while currying favor with the Arabs and the Islamists, I have no idea what will be left to salvage a year-and-a-half down the road."--columnist Burt Prelutsky

Snarlin' Arlen coverage: "[Arlen] Specter blames the party's increasingly conservative tilt." --CBS's Chip Reid

Wrong diagnosis: "It seems like some Republicans still have not figured out that they lost big-time last November, in part, because the American people are sick and tired of their style of politics. Exhibit A: a conservative faction of the Republican National Committee wants the party to brand Democrats as socialists." --CNN's Jack Cafferty

On Obama's first 100 days: "I think we've learned that [Obama is] more moderate than we had expected. I think we've learned that he is quite determined to follow through, almost as a checklist, on his campaign promises. And I think we've also learned that we don't really know his bottom line. Whether it's the banks or Iran, we haven't yet figured out whether or not there's an element in this personality that wavers a bit." --New York Times correspondent David Sanger

From the sycophants: "I'm a huge Obama fan. I think it's such an unbelievably great thing to have a president who's competent and not insane." --New York Times Magazine columnist Randy Cohen

On the economy: "[L]ook, this isn't about the failure of government and the Republicans are on the wrong tact talking about big government. This is a failure of capitalism. [Obama is] trying to save capitalism. ... People are looking to Washington and to government for help, and to argue to get government out of the way makes no sense in this political climate." --Newsweek's Eleanor Clift

Alpha Jackass: "Reagan's dead and he was a lousy president." --MSNBC's lousy "news" anchor Keith Olbermann

Blame the GOP for swine flu: "Do you ... think that Republicans are in any way to blame for standing in the way of those important positions -- when you're facing swine flu -- from being filled?" --"MSNBC News Live" anchor Contessa Brewer to Republican strategist Tucker Bounds

This week's "Leftmedia Buster" Award: "I realize it's been a slow weekend in terms of news. The president went out and played golf on Sunday. The White House reporters don't have much to work with today, so they're trying to get a piece of this swine flu story, which you know, all the cable news channels are agog about, bug-eyed about. But so far, it doesn't amount to much in the United States of America." --Fox News' Brit Hume

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The good thing

is I don't believe he will win reelection no matter what party he is in...this is just another reason I am ashamed of my state!


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dont forget about

the pitsburg stealers...

remember I am from seattle (little footbal joke there)


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