You Won’t Get TedCare Under ObamaCare:

You Won’t Get TedCare Under ObamaCare:

You Won’t Get TedCare Under ObamaCare: Ted Kennedy’s Brain Cancer Dream Team (Private Planes, Copters, Police Escorts, Mozart of Brain Surgeons)
By Debbie Schlussel

In June, Vanity Fair ran excerpts from, “Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died,” a book by Edward M. Klein. The excerpts describe some of the healthcare Senator Edward Kennedy got to treat his cancer: police escorts to the hospital, a team of the world’s top brain and oncology surgeons, including one who was tracked to the airport, where he was about to leave for a conference in Canada. Instead, he jumped on a plane to treat Mary Jo Kopechne’s killer.

Here’s more of what Ted Kennedy got that you won’t . . . certainly not under ObamaCare:

Paramedics lifted the overweight senator onto a gurney, hooked him up to oxygen, and slid him into the back of an ambulance. The ambulance and a police cruiser raced down South Street to Cape Cod Hospital. . . .

Before the ambulance pulled up, she had arranged for the Senator to be transported from the Cape to Massachusetts General Hospital, called his Senate staff to put in place a crisis management team. . . .

In the emergency room at Cape Cod Hospital, the doctors examined Kennedy for almost two hours and concluded that he had suffered two seizures, little electrical storms in the brain, rather than a stroke, which kills brain tissue and can lead to permanent paralysis. He was put back into the ambulance for the three-minute trip to Barnstable Municipal Airport. There a twin-engine medevac helicopter was standing by, ready to airlift him to Boston.

In less than half an hour, the chopper touched down on the roof of Massachusetts General, where Dr. Larry Ronan, the senator’s longtime primary-care physician, was an internist. . . .

“The meeting on May 30 was extraordinary in at least two ways,” wrote Lawrence K. Altman, M.D., the chief medical correspondent of The New York Times. “One was the ability of a powerful patient—in this case, a scion of a legendary political family and the chairman of the Senate’s health committee—to summon noted consultants to learn about the latest therapy and research findings. The second was his efficiency in quickly convening more than a dozen experts from at least six academic centers. Some flew to Boston. Others participated by telephone after receiving pertinent test results and other medical records.” . . .

And so the senator’s medical adviser put in a call to Dr. Allan H. Friedman, co-director of the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center, at Duke University. The 60-year-old doctor was considered by many of his colleagues to be the Mozart of brain surgeons. He was preparing to take off for a long-planned conference in Canada when the medical adviser reached him at the airport. He told him that Senator Kennedy had agreed to have his cancerous brain tumor removed surgically, and they wanted the best neurosurgeon in the country to perform the operation.

Three days later, on Monday, June 2, 2008, after Dr. Friedman clipped a small area of hair from the senator’s head, Kennedy was wheeled into the operating room where he was to undergo a procedure called “awake surgery.”

Think you’ll get this kind of treatment under ObamaCare?

Think again. The Mozart of brain surgeons, like Ted Kennedy got?

You won’t even get the garage band of brain surgeons’ drummer.

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8 years 26 weeks ago, 1:36 PM


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Hell no you wounldn't get that treatment. Not cost effective. You're only gonna live another eight years anyway. "Sorry, we can't allow the surgery, but we do have these wonderful pain killers to help you along. Well yes, the bottle does say Children's Motrin, but we think it's the most cost effective product for a white, seventy-seven year old man."

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8 years 26 weeks ago, 6:32 PM


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Everybody gets this treatment, right?

8 years 26 weeks ago, 6:43 PM


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SamD, this is crazy. Under the proposed medical "reform" you won't get anything close to this. Under it, you will have salary doctors who get paid not by the patient or by the procedure, but just plain old salary. In other words it just becomes a job and you don't care if you see 1 patient or 50 in a day. And because everybody has access to them, these doctors will be overworked and when that clock ticks down to the time their shift ends, they are out the door regardless of if their patient requires more treatment or not and then some other guy will come in the middle of your treatment and try to pick up where they other guy left off. In other words, it's going to be like a people factory, get them in, process them and get out as soon as possible and your medical care WILL suffer. Excellent surgeons will get paid the same as mediocore ones. And because of this, some excellent doctors will loose a little pride in their work and slack off a bit because then it's just a job. And forget about getting a timely appointment with anybody. When everybody has full "free"access to doctors, the offices and hospitals will be flooded. I see this already a bit with some Medicaid patients. They don't have co-pays or deductibles ever. And because of this they will come in for trivial reasons sometimes like a very mild athletes foot that could have been cured with over the counter medication available at any pharmacy or wal mart. BUt, hey, can you blame them, it's free! Or rather, you and I are paying for them. Some people need it that's fine, but I'm saying, becuase there is no skin off their backs, they go to ER's for the common cold and things like that. Ok, I'll shut up now.

8 years 26 weeks ago, 7:16 PM


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To understand this check out Canadas, Frances, and Great Britons health care systems. I don't see Americans Flocking across the border to get there great helth plan oh wait they all come over here to have life saving surgery

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8 years 26 weeks ago, 8:17 PM


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And now he's dead

And since the brain tumor/cancer/whatever finally killed him, the mainstream media is shitting all over themselves, running paeans of praise for "the best Senator in history" (gag, puke). They're lining up anybody/everybody who even vaguely had an association with Kennedy to give their little dose of homage. It's happening all across the country, also. The local outlets are running interviews of local people who claim some connection, so they can add to the shitload of crocodile tears. This coming Sunday, all the network news talk shows will be wall to wall Teddy-suck. NPR radio had a guy on today who's somebody or other with the Brady campaign, who was all choked up and just gushing bullshit about how great he was. I haven't heard it yet, but I'm expecting some asswipe to compare him to Jesus Christ.
I hope he rests in peace, BUT: he was the greatest enemy we've had to our 2nd Amendment rights. I won't miss him. The sycophants and suckups are all saying how nobody can take his place - I damn sure hope they're right!

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8 years 26 weeks ago

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