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Remington Model 11 Autoloading shotgunRemington Model 11 Shotgun

Gun Review: 4 years 10 weeks ago - The Humpback. Another Browning classic. The first autoloading shotgun produced in the U.S.A. Read More »

Snake vs. 1.oz Remington Slugs (FAIL!!!)

Forum topic: 4 years 13 weeks ago - Well finally got around to buying 3 boxes of Remington 1.oz S Magnum Sluggers 2-3/4 5 in a box at $4.99 a box. I shot all three boxes in my Stevens 67. And at the risk of being called a pussy I will take that as my shoulder Fuckin hurts like hell ... Read More »

Remingon 700 Trigger

Forum topic: 4 years 14 weeks ago - Anyone have any comments on the recent feedback on the Remington 700 Trigger...We are doing R&D for our upcoming Basic Sniper Course and would like some feedback from Operators especially...Thanks ATAG Training Staff Read More »

Remington 700Tactical Training Companies

Forum topic: 4 years 14 weeks ago - Any Comments on the Remington 700 Trigger issues? We would like to know.. Read More »

Badger Ordinance Tactical KnobsBadger Ordnance tactical knobs.............

Forum topic: 4 years 19 weeks ago - I am thinking of installing these tactical knobs on a couple of my Remington 700's.Going to mill down original bolt knobs and thread stump.Wondering if anyone has experince with doing this with Badger Ordnance knobs?And how they may or maynot ... Read More »

Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Shotgun

Gun Review: 5 years 46 weeks ago - Say the name Remington to any gun enthusiast and you'll most likely hear stories after stories on how Remington has given them the performance they wanted every time. Read More »

remington 760 Gamemaster

Gun Review: 6 years 26 weeks ago - A well made pump action rifle for hunting and shooting sports Read More »

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Remington "Yellow Jacket" .22LR
Finally Got Some !
Poor Picture But Significant Training Aid, Un-Be-Friggin'-Leavable
700 BDL
Remington 870 Express II
Remington 870 Express
Remington Model 1100 20 guage
Remington Model 700 in 270

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