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HK P30Heckler and Koch's P30: "One Size Fits All" Service Pistol

The Most Ergonomically Advanced Service Pistol On The Market

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Stevens Model 15B

An excellent choice for a youth rifle in .22 long rifle!

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M1911 series 80, .45 acp

I happened to really like this gun, I have customized mine for shooting in IDPA events. It is accurate, and fits my hand perfectly. Chambered in.45 acp reloading is easy and affordable. I highly recomend this gun for self defense or competitive shooting. Parts are easily obtain from any major gun store or online shooting specialties stores. This is a gun every one should try at least once in thier life.It is easily customized to fit your needs and preferences.

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Kel-Tec P11 Gun Review

The Kel-Tec P11 is one of the smallest handguns most gun enthusiasts will encounter.

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Romanian m69 .22lr Trainer

Nice little rifle

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East German Police gun.

A nice 9

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Glock 17 (9mm Chamber) Gun Review

Polymer handguns can be easily frowned upon by many gun enthusiasts. Some call it "plastic" or "Tupperware" because it is light and the feel of polymer can make the gun look cheap. But leave it to Glock to change how a gun enthusiast will look at polymers.

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Sig Sauer Mosquito .22

Great little plinker!

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I wouldn't buy it

I am telling you right now, there is one good place for this weapon and it ain't in my collection.

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V18Vulcan V18

Don't buy this firearm.

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Desert Eagle 50 AE

I bought a 50 AE from a cop who was getting married and needed the money. I wanted a iron site pistol to hunt deer which I could just drive to the hunting property after work without having a shotgun or giant scoped in my car at work. 50 AE will take a deer.

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Del-Ton DT Sport review

Fun, accurate shooter

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Not To Shabby

I was able to grab a few random "old school" weapons that we had in the armory over here and one that I was really interested to shoot was the Tokarev. These weapons have always had an appeal to me for one reason or another. So finally I got to pop off a few rounds.

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Glock 22c

Why I love my Glock

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Ruger Mini 14 Gun Review

The Ruger Mini 14 is one of the small rifles that can easily attract a gun enthusiast. Developed from the late 60s to the early 70s the first Mini 14s were sold in 1973. It immediately became a popular rifle for many gun enthusiasts because of its size and practical use. The gun can easily work with two types of cartridges: the Remington 5.6mm and the 6.8mm. However, the target model of the rifle can only accommodate the .223 Remington cartridges.

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