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Ankle Holster

Forum topic: 41 weeks 5 days ago - I just got a Ruger LCR, 38/357 , was thinking about getting an ankle holster for it. I never wore one before and before I shell out money for it, I wanted to know if anyone wears an ankle holster. Are they uncomfortable? Hot? ETC. Read More »

S&W Top Break Help

Forum topic: 1 year 17 weeks ago - I want to put my antique S&W up for sale but can't I.D. it even from Fjestad. It's features are: 7 shot revolver 22cal 3.187" round barrel fluted cylinder s/n 31454 I don't want to misrepresent it. Can anyone help? Thanks guys, Read More »

Finally got that revolver i spoke of a long time ago

Forum topic: 1 year 44 weeks ago - picked the beautiful stainless 6 inch ruger gp100 up yesterday... VERY smooth trigger pull, although heavy in double action the smoothness takes the bother out for me, single action is gorgeous. I just wish it could cook me some breakfast... the ... Read More »

arminius hw5t 32. sw long

Forum topic: 2 years 15 weeks ago - hay guys i have this old pistol and i know its made in germany want to know more about it wiki just aint helping. also does any one know were i can get a speed loader for it it is a seven shot? Read More »

My birthday aug 6

Forum topic: 2 years 32 weeks ago - Saw a gun deal at the Tampa florida gun show before have a 45 colt cowboy for $300 new so am going Aug4-5,2012 back to tampa fairgrounds to see what type of deal there might be. Never shot one their small in my hand and wondering if its like ... Read More »

Smith & Wesson 500Smith & Wesson 500

Forum topic: 2 years 49 weeks ago - Has anyone shot a Smith & Wesson 500 before? I hadn't got the chance yet to shoot one, and I know that they shoot a .50 caliber round. I just want to get a idea what kind of kick/recoil we're talking bout here. Read More »

new guy

Forum topic: 3 years 1 day ago - 357 magnum ctg with interchangable barrels, grips,sights. can anyone tell me where I can buy these items Read More »

1888 or 1875 remington

Forum topic: 3 years 1 week ago - hello everyone im a retired tennessee transplant from north carolina. ive had horses and guns all my life and hope to learn from this forum Read More »

M1895 Nagant Revolver 7.62x38R

Forum topic: 3 years 1 week ago - Only $100 at AIM if anyone is intrested. This lot is "excellent condition" but I think they'll hand pick for an extra $10. Factory privi ammo can be had for around $.50/round They also have ... Read More »

Dickson 22 Magnum Cheyenne

Forum topic: 3 years 7 weeks ago - I have a Dickson 22 Magnum Revolver Cheyenne model w/ serial # 29537. On the cylinder there are numbers 66 and what looks like a leaf. Does anyone have any knowledge of this gun? Have heard it was manuf. by Rohm in Germany?????? How much is it worth? Read More »

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