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S&W Governor Revolver

Forum topic: 3 years 21 weeks ago - I saw the S&W Governor in some magazine not too long ago, and I was just wondering if anybody on this site had one yet or if they have even been placed on the market yet. If you have one or know somebody who does, please let me know about any ... Read More »

Peace maker/Widow maker

Forum topic: 3 years 36 weeks ago - wondering if it is worth getting one to shoot or just get a 1911/any 45 auto? Plus getting ammo for 45 long colt? ( some one on net said the a 45 is a 45 LOL. Price for a now a day gun ( the old one's go for ... Read More »

Taurus 4410Taurus 4410 Revolver, AKA "The Judge"

Gun Review: 3 years 36 weeks ago - Utility pistol that offers devastating firepower at close range. Read More »

colt Peacemaker

Forum topic: 3 years 36 weeks ago - Thinking of getting a colt peacemaker and need more imfo on them plus what to pay size and want the 45 long ammo and what to look for,where to buy a good one..............TY Read More »

carry holester for a rossi

Forum topic: 3 years 40 weeks ago - Hey guys I just bought a rossi 357MAG with a 2in barrel I am trying to find a holester that I can either put behind my belt or inside my waist band. Any ideas Read More »

Glock 25 in 40 cal.

Forum topic: 3 years 42 weeks ago - Anybody got and using a glock 25 in a 40 cal? Any info good or bad? Read More »

Raging Bull .44raging bull 444 in 44 mag

Forum topic: 4 years 4 weeks ago - Thinking of a raging bull taurus 444 in a 44 mag. This is to accompany my winchester 94 ae. Will be trading my p239 sig in a 357 sig cal. ...Any thoughts on this.... Read More »

Taurus TrackerTaurus Tracker

Forum topic: 4 years 14 weeks ago - Just saw a Taurus Tracker 357 magnum yesterday at MC Sports. Has a 4" vented barrel, night sights and an awesome feeling rubber grip. Gun is made of titanium and has a wheel with a 7 round capacity. Does anyone have one of these or has anyone ... Read More »

AR-7Unreliable but won't get rid of it.

Forum topic: 4 years 18 weeks ago - What's the one firearm you have that dose not run well yet you can't part with it? I have an AR-7 that was a friend's that passed away. The gun is very picky on when it wants to feed right. Pisses me off every time I take it out so it sits in my ... Read More »

Smith & Wesson 442 Review

Gun Review: 5 years 40 weeks ago - Smith & Wesson is one of the most recognized gun manufacturers in the world - for a good reason. The company has continuously manufactured high quality firearms that amazed gun enthusiasts, hunters and even the military. Anyone who wants to be ... Read More »

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