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I bought A Ruger 10/22 Today

Forum topic: 18 weeks 2 days ago - My son gave me a gift card from Cabela's at Christmas, It laid around unused, I could not think of anything I 'needed'. Last night I decided to buy a 10/22 but I already have two .22 rifles, a Remington Field Master that's been in the family for ... Read More »

Ankle Holster

Forum topic: 1 year 1 week ago - I just got a Ruger LCR, 38/357 , was thinking about getting an ankle holster for it. I never wore one before and before I shell out money for it, I wanted to know if anyone wears an ankle holster. Are they uncomfortable? Hot? ETC. Read More »

Finally got that revolver i spoke of a long time ago

Forum topic: 2 years 4 weeks ago - picked the beautiful stainless 6 inch ruger gp100 up yesterday... VERY smooth trigger pull, although heavy in double action the smoothness takes the bother out for me, single action is gorgeous. I just wish it could cook me some breakfast... the ... Read More »

target mimi 14 rifle need one

Forum topic: 2 years 21 weeks ago - target 223 cal stainless 30 rd mini 14 with a gunsmith making it better as soon as i open it Read More »

for sale tactical modle ruger 10 22 w extras

Forum topic: 2 years 28 weeks ago - couldent find the for sale part..sry ne way got a ruger 10 22 TACTICAL modle. not the 230 doller one. they retail 480 500 ruger suggested new price is 560. has the bi pod came with it. the big heavy barrel. sweet 22 9 power scope. ruger 25 ... Read More »

My birthday aug 6

Forum topic: 2 years 44 weeks ago - Saw a gun deal at the Tampa florida gun show before have a 45 colt cowboy for $300 new so am going Aug4-5,2012 back to tampa fairgrounds to see what type of deal there might be. Never shot one their small in my hand and wondering if its like ... Read More »

fore sale Ruger M77 HAWKEYE

Forum topic: 3 years 4 days ago - hOW DO YOU POST AN AD ON A GUN FORE SALE ON THIS SITE? Read More »

Sturm, Ruger hits new high on news of 1 million firearms in 1st-quarter orders.

Forum topic: 3 years 9 weeks ago - Sturm, Ruger & Co. hit new high on 1st-qtr orders Smith & Wesson also jumps Associated Press – 39 minutes ago Companies:Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.Smith & Wesson Holding CorporationRELATED NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of Sturm, Ruger & ... Read More »

has anyone tried out rugers 1911 yet?

Forum topic: 3 years 13 weeks ago - Been a little while now since Ruger released their SR1911, and was wondering if anyone her has had the chance to try it out and give some .02's about it as far as reliability and if it was a 1911 you would trust your life with. Read More »

Ruger SR1911Ruger SR-1911, anyone molest one os these yet?

Forum topic: 4 years 3 weeks ago - Ruger SR 1911 looks like it will be a solid pistol. Wondering if anyone has checked on out in person yet and what their thoughts on it are? Read More »

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Two of my 3 grandkids shooting
Ruger LCR
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Ruger MK III Hunter
Ruger 1911
New holster for Vaquero
Ruger sr40c compacts pair 1black/ 1chrome slide w/ ext. 15 rd mags
Ruger New Vaquero .45 LC II

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