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The S&W M&P "Shield".40

Forum topic: 1 year 44 weeks ago - I completed the Front Sight 4 day handgun course in 2008, and as previous postings indicated ,I was very pleased with the thoroughness of the instruction, and the professionalism of the school personnel--most especially the instructors. I did ... Read More »

smith & wesson 9mm

Forum topic: 2 years 3 weeks ago - I have a smith &Wesson 9mm had two boxes of shells shot through it 1 box ammo and a tactical light with strobe on it too for 350.00 the light cost sixty dollars alone but does need a battery in it Read More »

Selling my pistol

Forum topic: 2 years 19 weeks ago - Hey everyone I'm selling a new s&w m&p 40 for $410. Let me know if your interested. 2293221318 Read More »

New to Gunslot

Forum topic: 3 years 12 weeks ago - Hello Gunslot, New to the site, I'm retired military and carry ccw a S&W M&P 40c daily. Read More »

Sw 457 issue. Who can help?

Forum topic: 3 years 12 weeks ago - This smith n Wesson will not fully cock back. I have all ready installed a plunger and mainspring. Has anyone had this problem, or know what it could be? Read More »

S&W Sigma Series 9mm

Forum topic: 3 years 18 weeks ago - Was just wondering if anyone had one of these pistols or had anything to say about their performance, reliability, etc. In decent condition, what might be the MSRP on a used one thats in almost new condition? Read More »

S&W Governor Revolver

Forum topic: 3 years 19 weeks ago - I saw the S&W Governor in some magazine not too long ago, and I was just wondering if anybody on this site had one yet or if they have even been placed on the market yet. If you have one or know somebody who does, please let me know about any ... Read More »


Forum topic: 3 years 22 weeks ago - Behold....the SUBARUBICON, it's actually quite capable, out here in the UTAH desert, it ain't no JEEP, but short of a 'low range', it holds it's own. It is a fine shooting rig......and the 'go fast ... Read More »

S&w da .45

Forum topic: 3 years 23 weeks ago - I have come across a S&W da 45 it is stamped on the top of the barrel smith and wesson springfeild mass, patented dec.17 1901,feb 6 1908, sep 14 1909. on the left side of barrle it is stamped S&W DA .45. on the bottom of the barrel it is ... Read More »


Forum topic: 3 years 28 weeks ago - This is $650.00 at a store in tampa florida was same price at tampa gun show Might have to see buddy to get ... Read More »

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