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My targetsGot to Shoot to Three 1911s For My Birthday

Forum topic: 2 years 33 weeks ago - I got to shoot two Springfield 1911s, and a Rock Island 1911 at my local pistol range. They had a Rock Island 1911 .45 caliber. The Rock Island 1911 got three rounds shot trough it, and it wasn't feeding right. Either it was a bad magazine, or ... Read More »

Springfield TRP any one got one and if you do what do you think?

Forum topic: 2 years 41 weeks ago - has anyone fired the Springfield Armory TRP (Tactical Response Pistol) if you have let me know what you think and if its worth the quiche. Read More »


Forum topic: 3 years 1 week ago - hi knew to site so i hope im doing this right. i have a 9mm & 40s&w xdm with 4.5 barrel what would be a good light & or laser combo for them .Would it be interchangable Read More »

Desert Eagle50 cal for pistols

Forum topic: 3 years 36 weeks ago - Saw a ad for one and wounded if this round is worth getting or can buy ammo years from now? Read More »

CMP M1 GarandsCMP M1 Garands

Forum topic: 3 years 43 weeks ago - Has anyone here done the CMP M1 program? I think I want to do it and was considering a service grade rifle. Is it pretty easy? Are their rifles in decent shape? I just want a shooter. It doesn't have to be pretty and have all matching parts or ... Read More »

Springfield Armory M1911A1 GI ModelSpringfield Armory M1911A1 GI Model

Gun Review: 3 years 45 weeks ago - Timeless classic, great value, and plenty of man-stopping power. Read More »

Springfield XDM 40 CalSpringfield Armory XDM

Forum topic: 3 years 48 weeks ago - Gonna pick up a 40cal XDM on thursday!! can hardly wait to get it to the range Read More »

Gun Safehello to all!

Forum topic: 4 years 3 weeks ago - Im new to guns. i own a an SA XD40 compact, an SA 1911 mil spec, a Ruger LCP and a Sig Sauer 522. Love them all, always eager to keep learning. i do practice safety first 24/7. just wanna say wat up? Read More »

Ed Brown KobraFirst 1911, but which one?? 1911 Experts, I need help!

Forum topic: 4 years 3 weeks ago - Hey everyone, I need some help. I have never really been into 1911s however, recently they are starting to catch my eye. Mainly because of the Aniversary of 100yrs, but also just because they are an american classic and they just feel natural ... Read More »

Springfield Armory XD 40 Tactical

Forum topic: 4 years 8 weeks ago - I have had my eye on this piece for quite some time now. The gun shop by my old house up on the mountain wil sell me one for 607.00 Any pros and cons?? Read More »

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2 x XDM
XDM 9x19 4,5"
XDM 45
My wife with me in the bush
XDM Springfield compact 40 cal
XDM 9mm  5,25

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