Colt 38 Special Ctg. Diamondback Revolver

Colt 38 Ctg. Diamondback Revolver, 6 shot.
New Black Pachmayr Grip.
Excellent condition.
Comes with suede carrying pouch.

Pistol was taken care of, never dropped, recently blued. The only additional feature on this gun in the new black Pachmayer Grip, which is very comfortable (I like it, you will too).

Please help me by buying this gun, the only gift ever given to me by my jerk of a father who was an abusive piece of crap. I no longer want any remnants of him in my home; but I DO want what the weapon is actually worth. Money will go toward formula & diapers for my son, and to help me be a better father than he ever was to me. :)

Happy shooting & God Bless America!

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Colt 38 Ctg. Diamondback Revolver

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