Gerber TAC II Military Survival Knife with the locking sheath!

Rare knife. Gerber no longer makes this knife. This is a Gerber Vintage TAC II Military Survival Knife with the locking sheath. The total length of the knife is almost 11" and the blade itself is 6" long and double edged. Steel is 13C26 (razor blade steel); all TAC Is and TAC IIs were made of this steel. The handles on TAC IIs are molded Zytel, full-hidden-tang. It has been lightly used to test the sharpness, so it is in pristine condition.

Has nice sharp partial serrations (half-serrated blade), and a razor sharp straight edge. Zytel molded handle and quick-release button sheath with ambidextrous lock. Sheath also has an attachment on the back to rig to a military LBV or combat vest (mil-spec quick release belt loop).

The partial serrations ravage rope or fibrous materials with ease. The Tac II was allowed for pilots and paratroopers because it had two fasteners. But, was designed for covert ops. Zytel is extremely popular for knife handles, including knives made by Gerber, Benchmade and SOG, because it is extremely light-weight; it weighs less than one-fourth as much as steel. Zytel is one of the most popular materials for knife handles because it doesn’t expand or contract in heat or cold, and it won’t become scratched or discolored with heavy use. Zytel naturally has a slightly textured surface, but knife companies will usually add more texture to help gripping and holding.

Great collector's item!

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