HK 91

HK 91 Rifle, prebanned, flash eliminator, 20 (308) clips

The HK91 is the semi automatic, civilian version of the highly regarded G-3. This rifle has what are probably the best battle sights of any rifle in the world. A post and ring sit up front while the rear sight is a rotating drum with a series of differently ranged apertures around it. The gun is also the hardiest of the lot. It's delayed roller block action has no gas tube to be bent or clogged as in the M-16; there is no long delicate operating rod as in the Garand/ M-14, and no gas port to clog as in the AK-47. The gun is not dependent on propellant gasses, so the burning rate and residue of the powder have no effect on it. The power of the load is also not a factor in the reliability of the gun; any load will feed and cycle the action. It's size and weight are almost perfectly suited to the cartridge it fires, and it has good accuracy. The delayed roller block action, keeps the gun locked until the base of the bolt is forced back enough to cam the rollers out of their recesses, and allow the bolt carrier to move back. Just under 49,000 of these rifles have been imported into the U.S.

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