MSAR STG-556 Sporting Rifle

New in Box MSAR STG-556™ Sporting Rifle:

TYPE OF FIREARM- Bull Pup Rifle, Semi-Automatic
OPERATION- Gas Operated Rotating Bolt, Short Piston Drive
CALIBER- 5.56mm (.223) (or optional 6.8 SPC Remington conversion)
RATE OF FIRE- Semi-Automatic: 150 rounds per minute
BARREL LENGTH- 16" (406.4mm) Chrome Lined
OVERALL LENGTH- 27" (685.8mm)
TRIGGER - Pull Through Trigger System
STANDARD STOCK- High Impact Resistant Synthetic Material in Black
TYPE OF SAFETY- Semi Automatic 2 Position, lateral push through and drop safety
WEIGHT EMPTY- 7.2 lbs. (3.26kg)
MAGAZINE CAPACITY- 1-10 round mag (options: 20/30/42 round)

STG556 Features:

1. .250x20 TPI Hardened Stainless Steel Accessory Points
2. Barrel Quick Release Button
3. Removable Check Nut & Flash Hider
4. Fluted Barrel
5. Quick Detach Front Sling Pin (Sling not included)
6. Adjustable Gas Piston
7. Folding Grip
8. Last Round Bolt Hold Open Release
9. Detachable Magazine
10. Optional Left or Right Hand Ejection Port
11. Quick Detach Rear Sling Pin (Sling not included)
12. Magazine Release
13. Ambidextrous Safety

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MSAR STG-556 Sporting Rifle

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