New M4 Rifles only $599.95, and yes they are good and real!


Most of you know who I am, I have not been on much in a while, but I try to be a regular when I am not working 8 days a week!

We have an awesome deal on an M4 package that includes a CMMG M16/M4 upper receiver (Yes, the full auto upper) with a semi auto only Plum Crazy Composite lower receiver for a whole $599.95!

This is a great gun and the lower has a lifetime warranty and is made right here in Arizona, so you know it comes from non-Obama people...

If anyone wants more info please go to our website:

We also have it without the front sight, with gas block and rail instead.

The uppers are available for only $469.95 otherwise and we ship anywhere in the US as long as it is legal in your state!

Have a great weekend!


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