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Deadly Cell Phones?

Cell Phones learning new tricks like shooting or electrocution

Best Firearms and Guns For Self and Home Defense w. Pics.

It is commonly said that the first rule of gunfights is to bring your gun, so any home defense firearm is much better than none. But some guns are better for the gun fight purpose than others. Following is a an examination and guide to selecting the best gun for self and home defense for you.

Church Of England Demands Money From Sony For Resistance: Fall of Man

The Church of England says Sony was not granted permission to use the Manchester Cathedral in the game Resistance: Fall of Man and is demanding a large donation and an apology.

How To Make A Gun Silencer From Common Materials For Self Defense

A gun silencer, often also referred to as a suppressor, works in a similar fashion as does a car muffler. The car muffler is composed of chambers for the compact compression to be dispersed and the sound to be absorbed or redirected. Heat is also significantly reduced throughout the muffler component. A gun silencer works on a very similar principle. The full step by step guide to building a silencer can be purchased from GunsLot. You will learn how to build beginning and advanced silencers at all user levels. GunsLot offers a 30 day full money back guarantee.

How to Make a Gun with Common Materials For Self Defense

Warning and Disclaimer


1. The gun can anger a totalitarian regime in which you live, causing the regime to imprison or kill you.

2. If you even make the smallest mistake during your assembly, the laws of physics may maim or kill you.

I will address the warning again toward the end of this tutorial.

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