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How To Become A Gun Dealer

This is the future holding grounds for the full article on how to become a gun dealer.

Illegal Gun Trading On The Rise...Can't Be Stopped...Only Managed

Illicit arms trafficking or gun running contributes to civil wars, fuels sky rocketing crime rates and stocks the arsenals of the world's most heinous terrorists. Here's why the problem can only be managed and not stopped.

Guns - Top Ten (10) Military Rifles of All Time w. Pics.

Since their inception guns and rifles have drastically altered the landscape of war, leaders and authority. We have researched and compiled the Top Ten Military Rifles of all time that have re-defined history, including their specifications and uses.

The Ten (10) Best Movie Gun Scenes Of All Time

Gun scenes in movies have ranged from climatic masterpieces to essential plot advancement points. Few directors have mastered the art of the gun scene, however the consumers know that a quality gun scene can make a movie successful. Following are the Top Ten Best Gun Movie Scenes of All Time.

Top Twenty Five (25) Best Selling Video Games Of All Time

Video Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry where over two (2) billion video game titles have been sold. Below, we examine the top twenty five best selling video games of all time including a title that sold over 20 million copies. Some of these games will surprise you. (The sales of games listed below represent independent sales of packaged games, for example packaged with Nintendo Super Mario Bros. sold 40 million copies. This list includes international sales.)

Video Game Addiction May Be A Psychiatric Disorder

Many people we know exhibit the signs everyday: ignoring their friends and family, while burrowed in their rooms for hours, even days; rejecting the shower only to surface for minimal food and water. Their focus is video games and it controls their life.

Video Game Testers - The Truth Behind The Job

Video Game Testers are a highly sought after job for many people interested in video games, computers and the internet. From first person gun shooter games to virtual reality games, game testers are a necessity. Many people see the job as getting paid for something they do for fun. While video game testing can be fun, it is a job and generally far from what people expect. Click Here To Get Paid Up To $120/per hour Playing Video Games Now.

Fifteen (15) Most Influential First Person Shooter Video Games with Screenshots

First person shooter (FPS) is a video game genre utilizing an on screen view that effectively simulates the playable character's perspective and the focus on the use of ranged weapons such as guns.

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