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Church Of England Demands Money From Sony For Resistance: Fall of Man

The Church of England says Sony was not granted permission to use the Manchester Cathedral in the game Resistance: Fall of Man and is demanding a large donation and an apology.

Top Ten (10) Upcoming Movies Based On Video Games

From Super Mario Brothers (1993), Street Fighter (1994), to Mortal Kombat (1995), Pokemon (2002-2007), Final Fantasy (2001) and Doom (2005), video games have been key story lines for many successful movies. We have examined the upcoming movie releases and selected the top ten upcoming movies based on video games. All of these movies are in production and moving forward, therefore movies that have stalled in production were not included.

Top Twenty Five (25) Best Selling Video Games Of All Time

Video Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry where over two (2) billion video game titles have been sold. Below, we examine the top twenty five best selling video games of all time including a title that sold over 20 million copies. Some of these games will surprise you. (The sales of games listed below represent independent sales of packaged games, for example packaged with Nintendo Super Mario Bros. sold 40 million copies. This list includes international sales.)

Video Game Addiction May Be A Psychiatric Disorder

Many people we know exhibit the signs everyday: ignoring their friends and family, while burrowed in their rooms for hours, even days; rejecting the shower only to surface for minimal food and water. Their focus is video games and it controls their life.

Serious Gamers Systems Revealed

Gaming systems have evolved from a single computer screen, keyboard and mouse to numerous LCD monitors, multiple keyboards, mice and full Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Following are ten serious gamers systems revealed.

Top Twenty Five (25) Selling PC Games Of All Time

The PC gaming industry is a multi billion dollar business where video game titles can become household names, products, and movies. Some of the most successful PC games have sold millions of copies generating hundreds in millions in revenue. Following are the Top Twenty Five (25) Selling PC Games of All Time.

Top Ten (10) Selling Video Games Based On Movies

Movies have been solid foundations on which many successful video game franchises have been built. A successful movie, however does not automatically mean that the video game will be a success. Following are the Top Ten Selling Video Games Based On Movies.

Fifteen (15) Most Influential First Person Shooter Video Games with Screenshots

First person shooter (FPS) is a video game genre utilizing an on screen view that effectively simulates the playable character's perspective and the focus on the use of ranged weapons such as guns.

The Top Ten (10) Women of Video Games

Women characters in video games have ranged the gamut from fighters that were just as strong and powerful as men to princesses in distress who we would spend every last quarter to save. Because any video game character is created, she is as perfect as the developer wants her to be. Therefore, most of the women on this list exhibit more than just beauty. The top exhibit power, strength and equality however retaining a certain sex appeal. Following are the Top 10 Women of Video Games.

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