Emergency Medical Supplies

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AMTC -1AMTC (Advanced Multi Trauma Case)

The Advanced Medical Trauma Case (AMTC) is an EMS grade high quality trauma kit. The AMTC is capable of supporting care for major injuries, minor injuries and life threatening injuries.

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MTCMTC (Multi Trauma Case)

The Multi Trauma Case (MTC) is a custom EMS grade medical kit.

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LEPAKLEPAK (Law Enforcement Personal Aid Kit)

The LEPAK was created and designed to be worn personally on a duty belt providing the officer with the specific ability to treat a single penetrating laceration or wound with a Celox Clotting ...

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IBTKIBTK (Individual Bikers Trauma Kit)

The Individual Bikers Trauma Kit is a compact kit and specifically designed to be carried on motorcycles in saddle bags or in backpack.

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VOKVOK (Ventilated Operator Kit)

The fatal "big three" on the battlefield are CRITICAL BLOOD LOSS, OBSTRUCTED AIRWAY, and TENSION PNEUMOTHORAX. This small kit has the tools you need to help treat these three combat killers.

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ICMKICMK (Individual Combat Medical Kit)

The Individual Combat Medical Kit (ICMK) was developed and designed for the rapid treatment of various gunshot wounds, the control of major bleeding and sucking chest wounds.

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ITKITK (Individual Trauma Kit)

The Individual Trauma Kit (ITK)was created to successfully treat life threatening and traumatic injuries. These injuries could include, punctures, amputations, abrasions, and deep cuts.

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