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Review/Report on the new EAA Witness "PAVONA"Semi-Auto Pistol

After the show videos and other internet info, we concluded that since the new Witness Pavona, supposedly redesigned with female shooters in mind, sounded pretty good. The major feature was ...

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First timer on this sight, so hello to all, topic on EAA handguns

I dont know if i am doing this right or if i am in the right place!! i have been doing some reading & i seen someone asking about EAA pistols & i will be picking up my new EAA witness ...

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Hey guys how has everyone been? Been working myself finally got my CCW for florida. Does anyone have any knowledge on EAA guns? I was reading about a new K2 pistol in 45ACP that has a 14+1 ...

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by sandman1967

EAA Tanfoglio Compact Witness P 45 ACPEAA Tanfoglio Compact Witness P 45 ACP

If you're looking for the ultimate polymer frame pistol,... look no further. The Witness "P Carry" blends many of Tanfoglio's outstanding design features to produce one of the finest polymer frame defensive pistols ever made. The "P Carry' is a hybrid design, using a full size polymer frame, and compact slide, taking the "Commander" style pistol to a new level. This pistol features Tanfoglio's compact 3.6" cone lock barrel system for enhanced accuracy and positive lockup and a Wonder finish slide with special low profile snag resistant sights. All "P Carry" models feature an integral M-1913 rail for mounting lights and lasers.

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EAA Tanfoglio Witness 45 ACPEAA Tanfoglio Witness 45 ACP

The Tanfoglio Witness pistol is one of the most versatile designs in the industry today. Witness pistols are produced in Italy, in the heart of the famous "Valley of the Gun." Over twenty years of experience is molded into each and every Tanfoglio product. Witness pistols are produced on state of the art machinery ,providing each owner with quality craftsmanship and classic styling.

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