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by trevorferguson

Circuit Judge by Rossi

Has anyone else purchased a Circuit Judge by Rossi ? This one awsome little gun ! Mine is a .410/45LC 5 round double action. Awsome accuracy. Has a rifled barrel and comes with 2 choke tubes . ...

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Gun Powder Burns Rossi Circuit JudgeRossi Circuit Judge

I do not recommend the Rossi Circuit Judge, unless you don't mind gun powder burns to your clothing or arms. On September 21, 2011, we fired the gun (out of box) with 410 defense shot gun shells. ...

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by BasicGearz

Ranch HandRossi Ranch Hand

I was wondering if anyone has been able to find or knows of a dealer that has a Rossi Ranch Hand in .44 mag in stock? Also, if anyone has had the opportunity to operate one... Is it worth the buy?

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