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Mossberg 590 A1 Gun Review

The Mossberg 590 A1 shotgun is based on the Mossberg 500 Shotgun which was first released in the early 70s. The 500 series of Mossberg Shotguns is very popular until today because of its easy to use form and quick reaction.

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Rossi Puma .454 Casull Gun Review

The Rossi Puma is one of the sexiest guns I’ve ever used. The lever-action gun was developed with the original Winchester/Browning rifle as it uses almost the same technology.

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FN-FAL Gun Review

FN-FAL or Fabrique Nationale de Herstal-Fusil Automatique Léger is a time tested rifle as its adoption and production continues to this day.

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Ruger P95DCRuger P95DC Gun Review

Ruger firearms are known to be manufacturers of inexpensive yet very reliable firearms. Although their handguns will never win you over with their looks, it will easily attract those who need a gun that will perform when needed without any qualms.

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Smith & Wesson 442 Review

Smith & Wesson is one of the most recognized gun manufacturers in the world - for a good reason. The company has continuously manufactured high quality firearms that amazed gun enthusiasts, hunters and even the military. Anyone who wants to be familiar with guns will most likely encounter a Smith & Wesson and be impressed by its structure and design.

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Kahr CW40

Selecting the right hand gun is like choosing the right glove - a good gun should fit well in your hands. But just like the quality of the glove, gun quality can also suggest as to how the hand gun can fit in your hand. A badly made gun will never be handled easily no matter how your hand can be perfectly held in your hands.

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