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As seen in a bar room bath roomimage9.90
Homeowner Kills Robbery Suspect In Altamonte Springs image9.90
The good guys kicking ass in Iraqvideo9.90
Jesse James from Monster Garage takes care of a failurevideo9.90
My CCPimage9.90
thuoght it funnny Minnesota Bird Feederimage9.90
This lady gives C-Span the wordvideo9.90
Strong Women Own Gunsvideo9.90
Pakistani AAA Roadside Servicevideo9.90
Navy SWCC-COOL VIDEO!video9.90
For ebear - Janine Turnerimage9.90
New M-60... i would love to be the one behind this rifle...video9.90
Michele Malkin Owns MSDnc's Matt Lauer. Shows how stupid he is... I love it!video9.90
im sorry but i couldnt help my selfvideo9.90
Smith and Wesson Model 629 Fired by Ladyvideo9.90
telephone prank to a wife goes really bad...video9.90
I can't imagine how much time it takes!image9.90
Found this amazing pic of some true Heros on the USMC Sniper site.image9.90
Snake,screw college you should do this!image9.90
Cpl. Harlon Block image9.90
A picture is worth a Thousand words, even though it is a picture of words.image9.90
My daughter and son-inlawimage9.90
Female Sniper Nina Alexeyevna Lobkovskaya image9.90
Jackie Mason on Sarah Palinvideo9.90
israeli armyimage9.90
Nice paint jobimage9.90
Doing her job Amen!image9.90
We The People Stimulus Packagevideo9.90
Good Towel-Headimage9.90
Here's To Our Heroes - A Tribute To You Allvideo9.90
Field stripvideo9.90
Allah is a goat?image9.90
MARIE PARENTE: Digging gun rights out of a State House Dumpster.image9.90
Obama on Dragnet Sgt Friday schools himvideo9.90
The Will is Gone ( A soldiers Epitath) Very moving videovideo9.90
Impact Gun's staff at the Rangevideo9.90
IED Placement Engagement or go check out the Virgins, boys!video9.90
2 Different Presidents Meet with the Marinesvideo9.90
Press One For Englishvideo9.90
Street fight in Fallujahvideo9.90
No Guns For Negroes - Part 2video9.90
Obama and Oprahvideo9.90
WARNING: The Following is known to cause cancer or mild discomfort in the state of CALIFORNIAvideo9.90
Quote of the Dayimage9.90
Obama Handshake Snubbed in Russia - you are going to love this...video9.90
religious motivationimage9.90
Jesse James - Sniper Rifle - Monster garage style - Sorry Audio is in Frog Speakvideo9.90
says it allimage9.90
The M14image9.90
American whoops Jamaicanvideo9.80
A shotgun that will blow your mindvideo9.60
WWII Britains 10 ton "Grand Slam Bomb"video9.50
The U.N is back in sessionimage9.50
Insurgents can't hide...video9.40
Afghan Airstrike Da Bombvideo9.40
MUD, MUD, MUD..video9.30
Good guy 1, Bad guy 0, Little girl just happy to be alive!video9.20
bad case of the f***ing mondaysvideo9.00
I'd Love To Knock The Hell Out Of You-Hank Williams Jr.video8.60
How the British taxi aircraftvideo8.10
Glock 21 buried 2 years, washed off under hose bibb and fired 500 rounds, no lube no bore scrubvideo6.20
Jimmy Carterimage0.50
Combination locksvideo0.50
OK you 1911 Lovers - Try this... Firing the Amazing Glock 19 underwater.video0.30
AK-47 On Firevideo0.30
The Only Hope for America!!image0.20
Holy Shit: Read this HB 1388 PASSEDimage0.20

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