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sig p339 dak

i am looking at purchasing one of these w/nite sites. anybody own one? i have had good luck with sigs in general and i thought this 8-shot would be a good carry gun.

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beretta 92

i am learning that their are a lot of glock guys on this site. i own sigs in .45 acp and berettas in 9mm. i think the beretta's are great pistols. what gives? am i alone here?

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a-merc brass

has anybody ever used this stuff. i got some once fired (can't remember where) and started loading for .45 a.c.p. tough to seat bullets smoothly (like some new brass feels) tried deburring as it ...

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your never too old to shoot

i was out and about today and had my mom along. she's 87 and lives in the city. i'm a hick and usually have something to shoot. it was a beutiful winter day around 30 degrees. that's 40 degrees ...

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