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Trouble with Douche-Buckets

This damn near set me off and would of got me arrested!

Im Back...Again...

Well hello and welcome back into my mind


While I have been on here for 6 months, I still am never at a loss for interesting people.

Shooting Around the Corner?

Ever think that it would be cool to be able to shot around the corner? Well imma tell you to wait for a new weapon

M16 vs AK-47

Lets take a look at these to iconical weapons

Im Back...Deal With It

Nothing News Related

Tell me whats going on...Please

This can be considered theropy for my "anger issues" So read or dont, I still get something out of it

Be more open?...NOOO

So what happens when people begin to openly carry there weapons in public to "fimiliarize" ther public??? Lets find out

Robar’s Xtreme Metal Frame Glock

Its Like A Glock...Only A Different Name

You Got To Be Kidding Me

Just Another Rant About nothing...But What Do You Think

To Hide or Not To Hide

Maybe News, Maybe Hatred. You Never Know What Your Going To Get When Reaching Your Grubby Hand Into This Twisted Brain

Not Really Gun Related

I had a news article to bore you with again, but instead I decided to just type and find out what nonsense and tomfoulery comes out. WARNING: LOTS OF ANGER AND BAD WORDS-DONT ENTER IF SENSITIVE

Ridiculous Future Weapon Made By God

If the man doesn't die I might not know it fired

Blog #3

Aint this about a bitch

Deadly Cell Phones?

Cell Phones learning new tricks like shooting or electrocution

The First One

An Introduction To The Life And Blog That Is Sytasyn Syn

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