Guns - Top Ten (10) Military Rifles of All Time w. Pics.

Since their inception guns and rifles have drastically altered the landscape of war, leaders and authority. We have researched and compiled the Top Ten Military Rifles of all time that have re-defined history, including their specifications and uses.

The Ten (10) Best Movie Gun Scenes Of All Time

Gun scenes in movies have ranged from climatic masterpieces to essential plot advancement points. Few directors have mastered the art of the gun scene, however the consumers know that a quality gun scene can make a movie successful. Following are the Top Ten Best Gun Movie Scenes of All Time.

AK-47 Assault Rifle and The Guitar Come Together

In countries ravaged by war, hundreds of thousands of AK-47 assault rifles remain as a memory to the bloodshed that occurred. In Columbia, an instrument maker named Luis Alberto Paredos found a way to make use of the discarded AK-47's and give music to the community.

Top Ten (10) Military Movies of All Time

Military movies featuring guns, strategy and battles have long been a popular staple in the film industry and studios have created several masterpieces. We have compared the pundits selections, with our selections and created the list of the Top Ten Military Movies of All Time. Only true war and military movies were considered, not sci fi movies or romance movies set against a battlefield backdrop, therefore movies like Forrest Gump and Top Gun did not make the cut. With no further adieu, here are the Top Military Movies of All Time:

How To Pick A Lock - Beginners Guide To Picking Locks

You never know where and when you may need to pick a lock. You may just need to get into your house or car, or you may be captured by insurgents in a foreign nation. Whatever the case may be, this is the Beginners Guide To Lock Picking. With practice and time, your skills will improve.

How To Make A Boomerang

Yes, it really is possible to make a boomerang that comes back when you throw it. Each side of a boomerang has an airfoil shape.

Top Ten (10) Video Game System Disasters

We are very familiar with Nintendo, Super, 64, Playstation, 2, Xbox, 360, but for every successful platform, there are absolute disasters. These disasters simply do not sell and quickly exit the market for a variety of reasons. Following are the Top Ten Video Game System Failures and the reasons they did not make it.

Video Game Testers - The Truth Behind The Job

Video Game Testers are a highly sought after job for many people interested in video games, computers and the internet. From first person gun shooter games to virtual reality games, game testers are a necessity. Many people see the job as getting paid for something they do for fun. While video game testing can be fun, it is a job and generally far from what people expect. Click Here To Get Paid Up To $120/per hour Playing Video Games Now.

60 Things A Man Should Not Do Past Age 30

LISTEN UP MEN! I have seen far too many of these following mistakes by men over the age of 30. This is unacceptable. Most of these things are not permissible over 25, however none of these 60 things should ever be done by men over the age of 30.

Outdated Laws Still On The Books - Be Careful Out There!

As times change so do the morals, sentiments and acceptabilities of the community. What was once taboo fifty years ago may be a common practice today. Following are the most outdated laws still on the books. I advise you all to be careful out there!

Top Ten (10) Selling Video Games Based On Movies

Movies have been solid foundations on which many successful video game franchises have been built. A successful movie, however does not automatically mean that the video game will be a success. Following are the Top Ten Selling Video Games Based On Movies.

Top Ten (10) Video Game Disasters

Video gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry where one successful title can lead to an enormous financial return. For every successful video game title, there are numerous disasters that may bankrupt an entire company. We have compiled the Top Ten Video Game Disasters.

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