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Bersa Thunder .380 Duo Tone

One of the best built .380ACPs for the price!

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Target Shooting Advice Needed - Reflex Red Dot or Open Sights

I am looking for any advice you folks can give me on target shooting and what sights to use. I am using a 1911A1 clone from Rock Island Armory. It is a 9mm Tactical with Novak style sights ...

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Parts and Pieces for a Winchester Model 97

I was hoping that someone would have some information on stocks and fore ends for a Winchester Model 97. I have checked just about every place on line I could think of with no avail. I am in ...

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Tanfoglio TZ 75 - F.I.E.

I am in need of some original or copies of the 9mm magazines for the TZ 75. At present, I have two, but would like to have at least four more. From what I have read the copies do not work well, ...

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Model 1897 Parts

I am currently looking for someone who might have or make/sell stocks or forearms for a Winchester Model 1897 in 12 guage. I missed out twice on the York, PA Gun Show, only wish I had gone.

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I have become some what of an avid but small time collector of the past couple of years. I love history and it only helps enhance it with collecting firearms, each one has a history behind it. Besides, they are a lot of fun to take to the range and shoot.

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