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Been busyx2

Sorry all this is Luke and I been a busy SOB, Hunter too she is woking 2 jobs and trying to take care of the farm so things have been hectic and we have had our little fights but she is well and ...

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Luke here

Hey all got a little inet won't last long just thought I'd drop in and tell everyone I'm okay loving Afghanistan(sarcastic). Anyhow right before we left Somalia we had an incident, I saw that ...

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Luke is not good!

OKay Luke is not so well all, they had an accident at their checkpoint . All he said to me was that there are 3 guys from his squad are in bad shape in the hospitial probably going to be put out. ...

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Well I'm back in Africa

Hey all! I see Hunter has been on my profile. oh well right? Anyhow I'm back in Somalia have about 2 weeks here and then onto Afghanistan. I hope you all are well treat the lil lady good fellas ...

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Luke Benjamin
French Foreign Legion

Grew up a farm kid in NE rural Missouri joined the United States Marine Corps at 17 went in on an 0300 MOS. Went to 8541 Scout Sniper school after my first deployment to Afghanistan. Deployed 2 more times once to Iraq and another into Afghanistan. Got out of the Corps and bummed around home for awhile following rodeo circuits. My wife filed for divorce I found myself a drunk and in trouble with the law and jumped a plane to France, I joined the French Foreign Legion and am very happy with my decision. I do have kids which makes the decision I made very hard on me. I'm a soldier plain and simple! To clarify I was not in big trouble with the law just minor stuff but it was adding up, and I would have ended up dead or in prison and I couldn't take that shame. I love soldiering and being involved in long range shooting I'm fascinated by ballistics and trajectories. I'm currently in Mogadishu Somalia Africa and deploying to Afghanistan soon.

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