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Charles Daly 12ga

I know the locking block is known to break clean in half on most Charles Daly Shotty's. That being said, you would think some gun parts supplier would be making a killing selling replacement parts ...

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Wards Western Field

Ok guys!! Here's another one. This 1's had me on the internet for countless hours of searching, only to come up empty handed. It may be a worthless cause, because there may be no other models ...

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Got something I know nothing about, but want to know if any of ya'll do. I have a customer that came in today that's built an AR15 from a kit, purchased from a company called Blackthorn out of ...

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Hey MY GUYS!!!!

I just wanted to check in and say to all of My Guys!! Iv missed ya'll A LOT!!! Im in the process of getting my shop set up. Jimmy, WD4JIM and I are opening up Urban Legends Firearms with ACE ...

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Born and raised in Small town Paris Tennessee, I've been around guns, hunting large and small game, since I was a child. I've always fished in Kentucky lake, or my back yard. I became an efficient Bow shooter in my late teens, and was on the Pro-Am ticket. After a very bad wreck, even worse surgical results, and becoming a South Paw in most of my daily activities, I've been able to overcome what I once thought were major obstacles in my life-long loves. I am currently a lifetime member of the NRA, member of "The Henry County Friends of the NRA", the only female mentor in the area for the SCTP, Scholastic Clay Target Program (working on Head Coach Status) and am currently the Head Gunsmith at Urban Legend Firearms with ACE Gunsmith, along side Nick, my fiance. I guess all thats left to say is "I am not mean, I am blunt. Which means I will tell you the clear difference between a bit naive and INCREDIBLY FUCKING STUPID"!!

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